Lived Sustainability – Show And Tell
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Lived Sustainability – Show And Tell

What we did
Branded UX Concept
Digital Brand Identity
Concept Production
Design Production


Ortovox's forward-thinking ProtACT 2024 strategy aims to set a path for sustainability and corporate social responsibility - a step in the right direction to create a better world. Unfortunately, their website wasn't cutting it until we stepped in.


With our innovative approach to design, we created a digital brand identity that not only represents their cause and the brand with panache but also offers its users an all new navigation structure. Our aim is to make sure that this trailblazing program gets the attention it deserves!

Protact2024 has made it easy to keep up with all aspects of their sustainability strategy!
With helpful, energizing visuals as well as a detailed image-grid giving users an accurate overview of the status quo,
you can access whatever information or report section you need in an instant. Everyone from experienced experts to
interested novices can navigate easily and be kept up to date on all the newest green technology and sustainability
initiatives. Their innovative navigation system is sure to provoke and enlighten – allowing for powerful progress in our
shared goal of creating a brighter, more sustainable future.

With an energizing, smart and provocative tone throughout this entire initiative, it's only a matter of time before we witness change begin to take shape in sustainable fashion. It's clear why Ortovox should be applauded for such a comprehensive plan - let's make it happen!