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SAGA is a branding agency focused on e-commerce and digital storytelling. We create customized online shops, digital products and services that combine user-centricity with unique brand identities.We hate standards and love the unique.

We are a team of creatives located right in the heart of Munich, Germany but working across Europe. We are driven by passion and we love what we do – that’s why we’re fucking good at it!

Our coffee is excellent – come by, say hi!

Zenettiplatz 1
80337 Munich

„The digitalized, modern environment is no doubt a big challenge in many ways, but also offers great opportunities. Munich-based digital design & concept agency SAGA Digital helps to capitalize on those opportunities.“

Lufthansa Magazine - Special Theme „Germany’s Top Creative Agencies“


SAGA has only been around since 2016, but we as a team stepped into the ring together for the first time in 2011. Digital products, eCommerce and interactive campaigns have been inhaled and lived with us ever since. We even dream digitally. :)


SAGA family

Probably the best team in the world,
made up of award-winning SAGA core team members and a horde of world-class freelancers. We have set up the perfect and most sustainable team for every project and thus remain flexible, agile and probably more price-efficient than the competition - but don't tell anyone!


Average age

We are young but not too young. We are experienced, but the youthful recklessness is still there. Some of us grew up with rotary telephones and some of us never had a floppy disk in hand. On the sweet spot between Digital Native and Miami Vice.


Online shops

We have been developing large and small digital flagship stores for 9 years. For big brands but also bands and startups. We only have one goal in mind – to put the offer in the context of the brand story. We design and build branded stores that drive sales through differentiation and purpose.



Turbulent times since 2016. A collective of freelance designers got the chance to grow with their customers, their ambitions and requirements – succesfully. 
As the figures show.




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