We design and build brandshops that drive sales through differentiation and purpose.

Branded eCommerce

If you wanna be best in class you have to define best in Class

eCommerce has grown up in recent years and is now wearing a suit. Digital direct sales have finally become an integral part of a sustainable sales concept. Conversion rates, SEO, performance marketing have become key disciplines that have lifted sales and traffic into unprecedented spheres. However, this focus has also led to a homogenization of all interfaces. Branded stores have become generic e-commerce websites that do little to nothing to create long-term value for the customer and to differentiate a brand.

So, what makes you different from everyone else? Your personality, your heritage, the storytelling, the experience. These are the most valuable selling points of a direct-to-consumer brand and only you have these things. Today's customers demand context and a pleasant shopping experience across all channels. A campaign-capable shop is one of the greatest opportunities, storytelling in the relevant areas creates desire and inevitably leads to an increase in sales.

Shop Usability Award MammutShop Usability Award Hallhuber

Mammut - eCcommerce

Thriving product staging.

Hallhuber - eCcommerce

A shop based on inspiration,  guidance and personality.
Our process

SAGA established their own interactive process that integrates a highly brand & experience driven approach.

Thereby, insights about user needs derived from the Consumer Insights domain are incorporated in the Branded UX Concept and design, as well as brand-based design guidelines derived from the Digital Brand Idendity. The integration of all domains in the iterations guarantees an extremely high, user-centered quality on the one hand. On the other hand, the brand is “baked” into a Digital Flagship Store and thus ensures that the brand promise and the user experience are congruent and matching the users expectations.

Consumer Insights 1/5

Before we begin our journey together, we need to understand where you are from and where you are going. We want to get to know you, your customers and your business requirements so that we can get a common picture of the vision and the possible transformation.

Branded UX Concept 2/5

Your existing data & insights define user groups and use cases, on the basis of which we can define certain hypotheses that your customers expect when entering the shop. These hypotheses give us a clear picture of the requirements that each of these different entry points must meet in order to lead your customers into an understandable funnel, take them by the hand and accompany them to the checkout.

Branded UI Concept 3/5

Your brand guidelines, your target groups and your brand values ​​say everything about your visual orientation. These and only these insights dictate what your interface should look like. We do not use templates or construction kits - your brand alone determines the design language. So you better be prepared. :)

Digital Brand Idendity - UX meets UI 4/5

This is where things get really exciting and we are merging the two concepts into your brand new digital flagship store. We develop a design system that is based on components and ensures continuous consistency in development. We can then continuously develop these modules with the collected feedback and analytics without losing the design language.

Concept & Design Production 5/5

Now it's getting serious aaaaand super exciting. Thanks to an agile approach to the project, we also manage to remain flexible in development, to be quick and able to react to strategic changes of direction. This is the only way we can put this thing online together, develop customers into fans and make money. Design, usability and technology harmoniously combined make an online shop a digital flagship store.

Our toolbox

We insist on having the right tools to get new digital innovations out there fast.
Here is a non-exhaustive list of the tools we have on hand.

T → 001
Ecommerce Strategy

Business Models

Customer Experience

Persona Definition

Design Thinking Workshops
Consumer Insights + Trends

Data + Analytics
KPI Definition + Roadmapping
Omnichannel + D2C

T → 002
UX / UI Design

UX / UI Design


Design Systems + Style Guides
Mobile First + Responsive Design
Performance Optimization

iOS + Android Applications
Wireframes & Prototypes

Digital Branding & Idendity
UX Writing

T → 003
Consumer Insights

Studies & UX Trends
Entry Points & Requirements
Data Deepdive
Usability Testing
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Conversion Funnels
Data based Persona Definition

T → 004
Content Strategy

Content Strategy + Planning

Art Direction

Photographer Briefings

Agency Briefings
Exclusive Digital Campaigns
Campaign Landing Pages
User Journey Mapping

Social Media Strategy

Newsletter Strategy

Launch Strategy & Campaign

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