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A plattform for outdoor enthusiasts.

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High-tech outdoor wear meets avalanche backpacks and accessoires like mountain ropes. To give their customers more than just a product and ready to take the next step in customer care MAMMUT started to implement NFC chips into various products such as jackets or backpacks, defining a whole new world of digitalizing products. With a douzen ideas and possibilities on how to use the NFC technology and build a strong marketing concept around them, we began our work for MAMMUT CONNECT.


MAMMUT CONNECT is all about bringing people together and connecting customers with their products. After many strategic and conceptual meetings we finally gave birth to the MAMMUT CONNECT Android and iOS app: A community for MAMMUT customers and outdoor enthusiasts. Through NFC chips customers are now able to scan and register their products in the app, extend the warranty and learn more about the emergence of the product in a convenient hang tag show with picture and video content. But there’s more to the app than just product benefits – a whole new social community. Customers can create their own profile and state their used products, but even more important they can document and share their activities including all details and routes with their friends.

Retail isn't going away. Boring retail is going away.

Working closely with Mammut, we created an exciting new app that should enhance the brand experinece out and in-store, giving shoppers unprecedented control.
Members visiting Mammut stores can scan products via an NFC chip as they browse, and experience an all new interactive digital hangtag. After scanning a product
with the app more content and product information can be unlocked. From general item facts to technology and material insights to a virtual hangtag show with video
content. Customers can also find statements from designers on how their product came to life. 
Paper hangtags were yesterday.

Scan your products, secure benefits and get inspired - discover breathtaking videos, pictures and product highlights and get the most important news from your favorite athletes.

Experience the world of Mammut.

More content can be unlocked inside the app. From news around the brand, exclusive interviews with athletes who are telling stories of
their last expeditions and projects and behind the scenes impressions of events that took place around the globe. A deep dive into the
world of Mammut awaits you inside the app.

Share your activities.

With MAMMUT CONNECT users can share their activities as detailed as they like it. From uploading pictures, to adding dates, location, routes
and types of activity making it a memorable entry in their profile. 
Through a virtual map same products can be seen where they have been used and
incorporated in the community’s activities or photo galleries. Athletes from around the world share their favorite products and experiences from their trips.