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MAMMUT is a swiss multinational mountaineering and trekking company founded in 1862. MAMMUTs wide product range includes necessary equipment on expeditions to the mountains, on ski tours or on climbing excursions – with an absolute focus on safety, while still keeping the brand’s aesthetic on display. High-tech outdoor wear meets avalanche backpacks and accessoires like mountain ropes. The new product detail page should be a state of the art process staging the product, while telling its story and also implement up and cross selling.  G-Guiding the user to an easy check out, transforming him or her into a satisfied customer. Mobile first and responsive on every device.


We rationalized the needs of every user when buying a product and put it in context with MAMMUTs wide range of products and their specific scope. Again we filtered and prototyped until we had the best shot at the new product detail page combining product images, information, usage and benefits while still telling a story with bold content.

The world of Mammut.

Centered around the idea of bringing outdoor into the center of every decision, the new acts as a channel where brand inspiration,
product information, and the mammut community come together. Storytelling lives at the service of product, and product is brought to life through
more in-depth information and cultural context. Editorial content, brand campaigns, and product stories are now connected in a manner that encourages
the audience to lose themselves in what they love.

"The online shop of the traditional Swiss company offers clear product navigation based on gender, product type and type of sport. The content of the shop is expanded in many places with high-quality content on the topics of outdoor and sustainability, creating a varied user experience with a strong brand identity."

Shop Usability Award 2020 "Best shop in Switzerland"

Shop by activity. Shop by product.

To turn shoppers into buyers, we set out to rethink the sales funnel. We focused on uniting engagement and product exploration
to increase conversion and brand loyalty. The site accommodates multiple purchase paths based on activity and product. An improved search
feature highlights relevant products, while SEO-friendly content advances product knowledge.

Product detail page that tells a story.

Inspired by the customer’s outdoor activities we felt it was about time to make the visit to the product detail page like an actual outdoor adventure: The right equipment, all information necessary and the feeling of being free. So we combined a lucid product gallery with a clear buy box and transformed the size picker into a sliding in overlay. With more information regarding possible applications and digital benefits we transformed the lower part of the product detail page into an adventurous, story telling platform for photo and video content.

Shop the collection.

Playing with editorial content on product lists to show the range of a full collection, all to combine of course.