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Maier Sports was founded by Imanuel Maier in 1938. During the ’40s, ’50s and 60’s Maier Sports was able to establish itself as a traditional household name. Through the years they developed THE perfect outdoor pants and specialized in the field of outerwear. Still, today they aim to evolve and produce the world’s most recognized pants for outdoor experiences whether it’s trekking, hiking, skiing or cross country. They eventually expanded their product range to jackets, bases- and mid-layers, able to provide full outdoors gear for their customers. Sustainability is part of Maier Sports’ DNA. It starts with long-lasting, top-quality products. Underlined with a five-year guarantee on material and workmanship. They are pioneers in environmentally friendly PFC-free impregnation and are pushing ahead with the topic of resource conservation and recycling.

The new should be a reinterpretation of Maier Sports’ offline corporate identity, challenging some aspects of it but staying true to the core elements such as fonts and colours. Products should be displayed in a high-quality setting and with an easy user experience, making it easy for customers to browse, compare and buy them. With content commerce on the rise, there also should be enough space to show products in their natural habitat – in nature, in action. Filling the webshop with all kinds of different content should be effortless with different content modules.


We revised the corporate identity and focused on elements that create a visible bridge for Maier Sports' users between the existing offline world and the new webshop. With newly interpreted design elements, we give a modern, contemporary look.

The Maier Sports brand should appear modern and work cross-functionally, both offline and online, bringing together existing customers and new users in the course of the webshop relaunch. Through large-scale and high-quality product staging, we optimize the digital presentation of the products. The product detail page has a progressive approach and breaks with the conventional structure, playing with the presentation and information of the product, but without losing the sense of perfect usability. The introduction of rounded corners makes the interface modern and more interactive, clickable elements form a context that creates a stringent user experience.

In order to make day-to-day content maintenance easier for the Maier Sports editors, we work with striking, combinable modules, whether on the home page, product detail page or in articles. With sliders and content elements that can be changed and adapted in many ways, content design is quick and easy.

The all new front window for is an interactive and playful stage presenting the brand's content and products.

"With the design of the Maier Sports website, SAGA has perfectly translated the realignment of our brand into the digital world. The website now offers a varied user experience with focus on the core brand values."

– Martin Klapczynski, Online Marketing Manager, Maier Sports

Providing users with not only all necessary product information but also with refreshing content surrounding the product such as a playful cards to display more details to the product or offline shopping information and cross selling elements.