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Reimagining the way of finding furniture.

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FURNING is an all female founded start up located in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart. 
Already experienced in the interior and furniture department, Alien Wolter and Sophie Keim wanted to invent a platform that combined various furniture shops, making the shopping process convenient. Instead of browsing through multiple shops, they wanted one affiliate combining over hundred shops and thousands of products in all categories. 
From furniture to accessoires.

We all have been there, we see a something we like, we take a picture or a screenshot, 
but we actually don’t know where to buy it. Thanks to technology FURNING is reimaging 
the way we find furniture online - through uploading a picture or screenshot. The bot system find’s the desired piece of furniture within seconds, or at least a dozen similar substitutes.


Together we developed a strong UX concept and a modern CI for FURNING, which includes a digital brand book, a responsive logo, a full webshop and social media guidelines. Working with target groups, personas and data, we established an appealing look & feel for  users to make FURNING a solid figure in the digital furniture atmosphere.

A special asset is the FURN editor - which means you can edit your personal picture search and tweek it they way you like and update your search. A  different color or material? 
No problem at all. Thanks to a cross-brand and cross-vendor partner network, FURNING can find every piece of furniture you want.

Find furniture.

Starting with bold key visuals and with a clear focus on the picture search and finding furniture through category browsing.

When I'm looking for a new piece of furniture, I am overwhelmed by countless offers in countless online shops and still can't find what I'm looking for. That's why I wanted to create a high-performance platform on which I can simply upload a picture of the furniture of my choice which will guide me efficiently to my goal.

– Alien Wolter, Co-Founder FURNING 

From the screen to the living room

Even pictures with several products can be uploaded: the user can choose
between the products and the feed will automatically refresh.

When browsing through the menu FURNING offers a handful of catgeories as well as curated and themed product lists.

With the FURN editor, users can easily adjust their desired piece by just clicking on pre-picked color and material options.