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Logictics, but make it appealing!

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Hubtechnik24 means high class industrial and storage requirements one-commerce level. The customer service’s motto is an easy and fast completion of all assignments as well as high quality products. The challenge: More efficient lifting, storing, transporting, commissioning and shipping – wrapped in an online shop with focus on a sophisticated user journey with appealing interface.


Many filter functions, even more configuration options and a flexible check out with cross selling: We made it our job to transform these needs into an understandable user journey.  A clear menu structure and easy handling, especially on mobile, to display users full transparency over the complete range of products. We made complex product lists easy to handle with an extensive filter selection so we could direct users to their category of choice. The goal on the product detail page was to make sure the user could configurate the product to their specific needs. During the check out we want to guide the user as fast as possible to finish his order, with still making it possible to choose between different shipping and payment options as well as displaying cross selling sales.

How to sell logistic tools.

The digital world of Hubtechnik24 consists of complex information and options wrapped in easy functionality, making it a fun shopping experience
while shopping for storage tools. 
The customer always comes first – that’s why the service is so important here. With structured guidance and
tipps users feel like they’re automatically connected to the staff.

“Finally users can book complex options additionally to their product without asking customer service!”

– Michael Seibold, CEO,

Navigation is key & mobile first.

A parent navigation for mobile, helping users to get to their category of choice as fast as possible. The product detail page was designed with a mobile first approach. 

A clear product overview with the many possible configuration options 
being structured.

Clean product listings.

To display every product category clearly visible we developed Hubtechnik24’s very own set of icons – specialized for each specific category.
Even for product descriptions and every single benefit we created special icons.