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A tasteful online shop that inspires to cook.

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Quality from passion is more than just a label on Käfer’s products. Käfer believes and lives this mantra every day with every task. The quality of their products is shaped by the passion of their work. Like no other business out there the Käfer brand stands for aspiration to offer their customers the best and only the best. In order to live up to this claim, we were brought on board. The challenge we faced was a separated setup from a corporate microsite, telling the brand’s story, and an online shop, displaying a plain product list.


To dissolve the gap between story and product was our main goal. A campaign able system was clearly needed here. Through the creation of a new design system, a new content strategy and new technology framework we completely transformed the brand digitally. The new should live up to the shopping experience from the actual Käfer shops, with no compromise. From company information to recipe ideas and detailed product information – the new online shop comes to life with telling the Käfer story in a comprehensive and different way. Lived content commerce was our approach here. The story telling is only at the service of selling products. The final product is a new, digital home for the brand – carrying you to the noble world of gourmet food.

Content commerce.

In order to use moments of impulse, we have implemented the blog and the editorial content on the product detail page but vice versa,
the products have also been closely interwoven into the stories. This is how we create context and value.

We combine story and product across the site to help customers learn about the brand and their product offerings.

Campaign capable product detail.

The story telling is at the product’s service, like that the product comes to life with the help of more detailed information and a cultural context.
A delicious product staging: The product, the heritage, the ingredients – the world of gourmet is a sublte gusto. In order to use moments of impulsiveness,
we have implemented the blog and the editorial content on the product detail page. This is how we create context and value.