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Establishing a more urban side of Bogner online.



The traditional fashion company "Bogner" was founded in 1932 in Munich by the top winter athlete Willy Bogner Senior (1909 –1977). Bogner is now one of the leading luxury sports fashion companies in the premium segment. Bogner offers fashion for discerning modern women and stylish men who value quality. The company has been the official supplier to the German sports team at the Winter Olympics since 1936. Bogner currently operates 19 of its own stores and 54 partner stores worldwide and can be found at more than 1,500 retail partners in over 50 countries. In the 2018 financial year, the group had worldwide sales of around 160.2 million euros excluding licensed products. Fire+Ice is the exclusive, more fashionable and modern line from Bogner. Launching different collections through the year providing attire for winter sports, outerwear or it pieces for swimming and the beach. In order to embody this presence and size online, the brand turned to us to jointly build the new digital flagship store concentrating on building the brand, presenting the diverse range and at the same time improving conversion and click rates.


In order to present all Fire+Ice campaigns digitally, we designed landing pages that represent each collection, its highlights and products individually and make customers want more.
We work seasonally and plan the campaigns carefully and in close cooperation with the Bogner Online Team, e.g. for summer, winter or festive occasions such as Christmas. But not only that: We create a 360 ° marketing concept for every Fire+Ice campaign, which includes banners, carousels, newsletters and more.

Fascinating collection rollouts.

With the help of bold campaign pictures, videos and new collection items we’re making sure every Bogner collection comes to live digitally. 
During the rollout we make sure to sync the landing page and every marketing asset with POS and every other aspect of the collection.

Performance meets style.

Through all seasons we provide Bogner’s customers with sparkling newsletter content for each collection. Exclusive shopping discounts, curated content and editorial-esque poduct staging can be found in evey Bogner Fire+Ice mailing, that we create with love for every detail.